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Raymond Cheng was diagnosed with VCFS at the age of 7. He had difficulty making friends and found it difficult to concentrate in high school, but with help from his parents and family, he learned how to apply hard work and dedication so he could complete his goals. He was able to graduate from high school and obtain a bachelor’s degree from the University of Hartford majoring in insurance. He also passed several insurance designations and licenses. He is an avid tennis player and follower of the sport and he has developed a strong passion for cooking and baking. His desire is to help and give back to the VCFS community, but in a more global sense, he wants to help all children and adults with congenital disorders. His current project is to become a published author. He is completing a memoir, Lucky. He tells of the challenges that VCFS can present to a child, and how the syndrome had affected his own childhood, college years, and married life. He hopes to have it published soon. 

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